Picture: Cubiq


Cubiq dares you to play with reality. The rich designs and graphic elements create unique atmosphere and a spatial effect. Through the use of colour in combination with special shadow effects your wall seems three-dimensional. You simply have to touch it.

Soft, but eye-popping colour combinations. Origami designs and cubicle shapes with subtle luster effects adorn this collection. Geometric patterns that will never bore you, because you constantly discover new shapes in it. Give every space a magnificent effect and escape the ordinary.

Picture: Fiore


Flowers are an endless source of inspiration for fashion and interior designers.
With the colourful floral wallpaper in the BN Walls Fiore collection, you can create the perfect mood for every interior. The designs in the Fiore wallpaper collection are like the garden of your dreams, where the plants never stop flowering. Enjoy rich, varied colours; with this collection’s extensive colour palette you’ll be spoilt for choice. From ochre yellow to deep black, and from beige to pale rose, from brightly colourful to tastefully muted, this collection offers a solution to suit every taste and wish. We have also developed a luxurious, rich silk uni that can be combined with every pattern. Made to measure by nature, and simply stunning on the wall.

Picture: Grand Safari

Grand Safari

Here’s pure inspiration from the animal kingdom, skilfully translated into these tactile designs. Animal print is everywhere, always in style, and totally on trend. We’ve explored the jungle and found lounging leopards, and iconic pythons. Zebras move across the plains. Look closer and panthers and buffalos start to appear. Patterns and textures take inspiration: spots, stripes, scales and sun-baked skin, all against a backdrop of jungle leaves. Do touch! In addition, a special block design where you can feel the structure of the tree trunk. Colours are timeless yet contemporary: from Sahara sand to prairie green, elephant grey to oasis blue, mamba black, sunset pink and desert red. Make a statement with our wallpaper - zebra prints and jungle scenes. They’re perfect for an eye catching wall, and easy to mix and match, whether your style is pure exotic allure or elegant restraint.

Picture: Rivi�ra Maison

Rivi�ra Maison

Living the life you want, is sure to be built on solid basics. At home you can create your own powerful statements with this special textured wallpaper collection. Experience the look and touch of real life materials, such as driftwood and rattan, which will add a bit rough but warm feeling to your walls. Be bold and daring with the canvas prints, adventurous globe maps or nostalgic photograph collage. Use the pure strength of the designs and make it happen: home is where you can be you.

Picture: Timeless Stories

Timeless Stories

Colour adds vibrancy and life to your interior. It influences your mood and instantly creates an evocative atmosphere. Choosing an appealing wallpaper from Timeless Stories, makes decorating with colour easy. With timeless stories we have created a classic collection of wallpaper in many different textures and subtle patterns, all beautifully colour coordinated. The wallpaper is organised in professional combined colour families, making it easy for you to choose your own unique colour pallet. Whether you prefer a classic interiors with dark colours or Scandinavian design with fresh natural shades and textures. You’ll always find the perfect wallpaper in the collection Timeless Stories. For every style you will find impeccable colour combinations. Timeless textures in winning colour combinations make decorating your interior easy and fun. Dare to choose colours for your walls and live your life in full colour!

Picture: Zen


With the BN Walls Zen collection, you’ll be able to wander endlessly through Eastern landscapes, immersed in beauty. Beautiful bamboo, elegant cranes and mystical, towering Mount Fuji – each captures your attention with enchanting scenes. The Zen wallpaper collection has the power to fill your home with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Inspired by Eastern traditions and rich in traditional Asian motifs and structures, this serene collection employs mainly soft earth shades such as white, grey, pink and beige to give every room a rich, soft appearance.